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Farmers make a mint out of coffee in vihiga

Read how ShambaNexus is transforming coffee farming in vihiga to a lucrative venture by linking them to overseas markerts

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partnership with Moneymaker pumps

Find more about a 3 year partnership with money maker pumps aimed at bettering irrigation within smal scale farmers.

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mkulima smart conference

Find out more about the 2nd edition of Mkulima smart is set to happen virtuallly bringing together farmers from maize regions together



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Introduction of grafted Mangoes in Kitui set to outdo traditional mango Farming

A study by Shambanexus reveals how farmers are turning to a paradigm shift embracing grafted mangoes…..

how importation of chinese fish is hurting local hatcheries in Kendu Bay and Migori

What looks like importation on the surface is a choking action to the thriving of fish farming in Migori and Kendu Bay



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KALRO Forecast on agrobusiness 2020

read the forecast on agrobusiness in a post covid 19 environment

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Kenya Cereals board data on maize sufficiency

Read on the surplus production trend in the last three years

The Story Behind Shamba Nexus

a round table discussion transformed into a visionary proposal to a valid implementation module


“Transformation from an idea to implementation”